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# It was once taboo to wear black unless one was in mourning. Victorian widows were expected to wear black mourning clothes for two years after their husbands’ deaths.
# The founder of Maybelline, Tom Lyle Williams, named his brand after his sister Mabel, who used to make her lashes look thicker and darker by using a mixture of Vaseline and coal dust.
# Jeans were first colored with indigo because darker color better hides the dirt
# There is no such thing as a lipgloss that lasts all day. If you want a glossy look, you will have to reapply throughout the day. Or place a dab in the center of the lip and not all over.
Matte formulas will last longer but can be drying, so don’t skip the prep!
Using lip liner will always make your color last longer. Make sure you fill in the lip entirely!
Use a lip brush for a more precise application.