February 26, 2019

Female Traveler? Solo Travel Made Easy!

Voyaging alone can be frightening at first. At the point when individuals consider travel, their psyches are regularly loaded up with pictures of full moon parties in the Asian tropics, exploring through the Medieval avenues of Europe or going on an experience trek through Africa and
South America wildernesses. As a general rule there are many individuals; companions, family, individual explorers, and globe-trotters to impart the experience to it. This “comradery of the ­street” regularly gives a touch of safe house from the way of life stun and the tension of being
expelled from agreeable situations.


It’s even more scary not only from inside but outside too. The perception is of a 20 year old girl who needs protection!! A woman could be anything, even 40 but societal
norms see her with utmost sympathy.
Like the demonstration of heading off to a bar alone, voyaging solo is a snappy method to take the societal heartbeat around a free lady. As a matter of first importance, we stress over her
well being. At that point we feel a twinge of pity; she couldn’t agree any individual who needed to tag along? The questions like “is she even as happy as she seems or is she faking it?” surround ever female solo traveller. The only, way out is to be a solo traveller.

Taking the world as it is, going headfirst into the situations. The one in sweatpants, hair tied up and chilling in the sunshine with no makeup on. Singing songs, even when lyrics gone wrong at times. Let it go all day all night. Run after pretty dogs, play games of which you don’t even know the rules to.
When you are traveling, your smartphone can be your best buddy.
Smartphones these days are the caretaker, travel planner, and lifeline for a solo traveler to make a solo trip much easier and feasible for all types of travelers. That means one must have
the right local dating app to help get around and stay safe.
The next time you are traveling alone – You must have Xoxo Tours (travel dating app).

Note: After registering on this social travel app, you are required to create:

1) Your traveler’s profile.
2) You should add your every planned upcoming trip details. This is to connect with local singles of the place you are traveling to or solo travelers traveling to the same place at the same time.
3) You can connect and chat with potential travel friends to further travel together.

Pro tips that you must keep in mind.

A) Choose your destination.

– Surf on internet and explore
– Browse via (travel) magazines about some places
– Listen to your heart as well as mind
– Shortlist some best places
– Make a conclusion on the basis of your personality
– Choose wisely and finally make a decision

B) Set a budget
C) Pack necessary items and keep it light
D) Book your perfect accommodation
E) Chat & connect with locals or travelers
F) Meet your travel friend and trip together
G) Enjoy places like a local

Make every solo trip memorable ❤


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