June 26, 2018

My Secret? Seer Secret !

If simple and natural beauty products attracts your skin since they work best for it then Seer Secrets is an amazing product. The summer is in its full blow. So keep yourself hydrated and protected from the heat internally as well as externally. If you prefer all natural ingredients in your skin care, Seer Secrets is the best choice.

Seer Secrets Aloe Vera, Chironji & Carrot Seed SPF 21 Milk Lotion 

I recently started using Milk lotion consisting of Aloe vera, Chironji, Carrot seed, SPF 21 and I am very surprised with the results. Oh my goodness, seriously what else better can you get!

Key ingredients

Aqua, lotion base, glycerine, aloe vera extract, ferric oxide red, micronised zinc oxide, vitamin E+A, Chironji oil, carrot seed oil, rosewood oil etc.
It provides UVA UBV PROTECTION as well.

  • High SPF Protection with natural ingredients like Carrot Seed Oil, Chironji & Aloe Vera.
  • Micronized zinc of less than 5 microns doubles as a physical sunscreen with natural sunblock barriers and has great setting properties in your skin crevices.
  • A long lasting formula, which is enriched with iron oxidants to narrow down a white cast to match natural ethnic skin tone.
  • It also works to dry body acne, increases overall sun protection and other pollution related hazards.

Usage instructions

Apply adequately for atleast 15 minutes before going out in sun. It has a pump which helps in extracting the lotion easily . Apply evenly on your skin.
Note:- Avoid using it when you plan to go for swimming or will be perspiring or else you can apply a water resistant along with it.

Seer Secrets Five Mint Body & Foot Mist 

The weather is getting worse day by day. The sun is getting brighter and harsher. It is becoming impossible to go out in the sun. In fact, it is getting difficult to maintain the body cool in this hot weather. The Seer Secrets Five Mint Specie Heat Absorbing Mist is something that keeps my skin cool. After getting absorbed into body it stays longer and gives a cooling sensation.

Key Ingredients

Aqua, Benzoin, Denatured alcohol, Japanese mint essential oil, Pepper mint essential oil, Bergamot mint essential oil, Coriander mint essential oil and Camphor essential oil.


  • Excellent way to cut the heat when you are travelling the harsh sun and wish to protect yourself from the rays which could drain the body coolants.
  • This mist is formulated to act as a gentle.
  • Effective natural body cooler that provides hydrating effects on heat affected skin.
  • Infused with five prominent mint species and aloe Vera so your skin stays chill and calm even in hotter Indian Summers.
  • Aromatherapy at its finest.
  • A synergy blend of essential oils mixed with aloe Vera and blended with all natural grain alcohol to make this mist.
  • Excellent to be used in hot summer condition. It gives an instant chilling effect hence cooling you down.


Usage instructions

Apply the product directly on your wrist, back of the neck, near under arms and endure the sensational cooling effect.

These are the products which I am using this summer for protecting my skin.
So, I’d recommend you to check out these products to make your skin more healthier.
You can purchase it from: Nykaa, Amazon and Purplle.

Stay Healthy, Stay Beautiful.


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