June 17, 2018

ASAP Energy Bars

Are you tired of buying expensive energy bars to fix your hunger?
The name ASAP stands for “As Simple As Possible”, which is what is reflected by the ingredients of these bars.
It contains healthy fibers like oats, rice crispies, nuts, honey and brown sugar with a thin coating of chocolate/caramel. Taste wise, they are quite different and better than most of the nutrition bars I have tried till date. The texture of these bars is also amazing and they are not too hard to bite into nor too soft to break easily.

All three flavors have a distinct taste to them which is true to their respective names, but my  favorite is the “Fruit and White Chocolate” because I love white chocolate.
I would also like to point out that with many nutrition bars, the chocolate doesn’t really taste like the chocolate we love but with the ASAP bars, the chocolate coating is milky and reminds me of high-quality chocolates.
Overall, I feel that the ASAP bars are delicious snack which is a great way to keep yourselves full until the next meal. They are pretty affordable too and won’t cause hole in your pocket.
I would recommend you to try at least one pack and I’m damn sure that you will fall in love with these treats.

Almond and dark chocolate ASAP Granola Bar

The ultimate combination of dark chocolate with whole almonds is a perfect amalgamation for a healthy snack option. It acts as a good source of protein, fiber and vitamin e

Caramel and cashew ASAP Granola Bar

Crunchy cashews & almonds with caramel, makes me go nuts. It is a good source of minerals, loaded vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber.

 Fruit and white chocolate ASAP Granola Bar

The sweet tangy berries with the smooth white chocolate just melt into the mouth. It’s loaded with fiber, iron and vitamin c.
So go ahead, try these out and I am sure you won’t regret that decision!
You can buy it from www.biteasap.com
Also, Available on Amazon.
Stay healthy stay fit.


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